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The different categories of metals

Intitulé du service Description du service Prix
Indicative prices subject to weekly variation. For any other information please contact us at 081/55.97.97 or via the following e-mail address:
WEEE Electrical and electronic waste equipment: fridges, washing machines, ovens, microwaves, computers, percolators, CD/DVD readers, hoovers, tools, screens...

0,025 €/kg
Plates All goods containing mainly iron but also including another indissociable material: chair in wood or plastic with iron frame, boiler, fence, wheelbarrow, can, ironing board, ... 0,180 €/kg
Iron All merchandise containing only iron: bench, stakes, round concrete, metal cabinet, radiator, nut, ... 0,240 €/kg
Heavy iron Scrap mainly from industrial demolition, beams, corners, barriers, silos, frames, ...
This scrap should be a maximum of 1,5 m x 1,5 m, otherwise it will have to be cut and will therefore be cut into «iron to be cut» at a lower price.
0,250 €/kg
Font An alloy of iron and carbon, cast iron is generally heaver but also more breakable than iron: radiators, ranges, baths... 0,250 €/kg
Alumin Quite light material used in numerous objects: saucepans, stools, window frames, alloy wheels, car parts, road signs, tubes, plates... 0,80 €/kg
Stainless Steel It is found more often than not in all machines that directly or indirectly affect food: saucepans, sinks, drainage, tanks, kitchen alloy of steel, chrome and nickel, it has the particularity of not “sticking” with a magnet. 0,80 €/kg
Brass Often called yellow brass, it is an alloy of copper and zinc. Very often used to make taps or heating fittings, it is also found in the making of ornamental pieces: candlesticks, crucifixes… It is also easily identifiable thanks to its gold colour. 3,70 €/kg
Copper This material is the one that has the most value among classic metals. Mainly used in electricity and heating, you find it more often than not in the form of strands of copper, thin strips, engine coiling, heating pipes. It is very easy to recognise thanks to its so particular orange colour. 6,10 €/kg
Lead Lead is characterised by its very heavy weight. It comes mainly from former water pipes and roofing slabs used to make roofs waterproof. 1,30 €/kg
Zinc This metal is mainly used to cover roofs. It is more often than not in the form of different shaped plates. This metal has the characteristic of being flexible. 1,10 €/kg
Copper cables Copper sheathed cables, domestic type and/or arising from the demolition of buildings, or power grids (without plug, unarmored cable (iron, lead, tar)) 1,90 €/kg
Electric motor This is a copper coil surrounded by an iron wall. Used in any machine using electricity. They can be of very distinct sizes and weight. 0,50 €/kg
Battery It is a battery (or accumulator) located in each motor vehicle: car, truck, bus, construction machine, .. 0,45 €/kg

We offer you a series of services adapted to your needs


You’re an individual, you’re emptying a house or you have old farming equipment.  We offer to leave you a container that you fill at your own pace.  We have different volumes adapted to each type of good.

You’re a contractor in construction, plumber-zinc worker, frame installer, heating engineer… we offer to leave you a container directly at your site or where your main warehouse is.

You’re a small or large capacity production company.  You have off-cuts of metallic production.  We offer to come and place containers at your company.  With our fleet of lorries, we can react quickly.  Furthermore we analyse your waste to give you the price formula best adapted to your volumes.

Don’t hesitate to contact our sales rep for more information


You have several grades of metal, you machine parts and need a lot of workability, you lack space that doesn’t allow you to have a container… We have the solution for you. At your request we drop off one or several containers of different volumes (1 to 3 m³) to allow you to collect your waste in the way best adapted to your business segment.


Removal with Grapple Container

You have metal that is too heavy to be hand carried; you don’t have the time or the manpower necessary to fill up the container.  No problem, we have the solution.  Equipped with a container with a grapple hook we can come and load for you.  A phone call from you to agree an appointment and we load your metallic waste as quickly as possible.  Only inconvenience, the lorry must be able to get as close to as many goods as possible to load (maximum 5m)


Price calculation

Contrary to the prices given on our site, prices during the positioning of a container in a factory or a removal of goods via a container with grapple hooks vary according to several criteria.

  • The distance: according to the kilometres travelled by our lorry for dropping off and removing containers the price of the metals will vary
  • The duration: the immobilisation time of the container on your site will influence the metal part-exchange price
  • The annual tonnage: the price will also vary depending on the number of removals we carry out over the year
  • The quality: if the batch requires sorting on its arrival at our site, the price will also be influenced by this.

Each situation is unique; this is why it’s always better to call on our sales rep who will analyse your needs in the best way.

Depending on your preferences, he can give you

  • A fixed price according to the day of removal
  • A price based on a formula in relation to stock exchange variations

Our solutions are tailor-made, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can make a proposal.

Establishment of the Delivery slip and payment in cash

Once your weighing slip in hand you must go back to reception with your identity card to establish a delivery slip in your name and accept the amount due to you in cash.

Generally, payment is always made in cash, apart from a few exceptions:

  • If you don’t have your identity card on you, we have to pay into an account
  • If you provide copper cables (whatever the form: stripped, with the sheath, burnt, crushed…) the law forbids us paying in cash for this material.
  • Any amount exceeding €3000 must be paid into an account

Wilmet WEEE

New Division specialised in electronic waste

We recently created a new division in-house at Wilmet SA that looks after 100% electronic waste.

For several years now, we’ve been witnessing a constant increase in the volume of computer waste.

This waste has a greater complexity than metallic waste historically treated on site.

This is why we have created a separate and totally independent Division to be able to offer you a quality service in collecting and sorting your electronic waste.

  • Training staff in the specificities of waste
  • Sales rep dedicated mainly to WEEE
  • Fitting out a sorting and storage space
  • Recupel authorised collector


We work mainly in B2B (Business to business).

We put at the disposal of companies for free collection containers of different volumes to recover obsolete electronic equipment.  You would like to change your fleet of computers, your photocopier has given up the ghost, you have to change your appliances to comply with a new regulation…

We look after collecting your waste and ensuring that they are monitored throughout the recycling process.  We offer you a local ecological service regarding the management of your electronic waste. All at prices defying any competition since you’ll have zero euro to spend. Quite the opposite in fact, we buy certain batches by weight depending on the quality of the waste available.

  • Competitive price depending on the market
  • Traceability of your waste
  • Physical destruction of data and on request, issuing of a destruction certificate
  • Local and ecological management of your waste

Types of waste


We specialise in computer type electronic waste. Mice, keyboards, PCs, laptops, hubs, routers, switches, electronic cards, printers…

Nonetheless, if you have other WEEE waste, we also take them for the sake of offering you a complete service. Percolators, lamps, fans, fridges,… any appliance working with electricity.

Specific request

Some waste is more specific.  What you must tell yourself is that as long as there is an electronic card inside the appliance, it could interest us.

Credit card readers, remote controls, cash registers, supermarket tills, car wash systems, production lines…

Each piece of waste has its specificities.  If you would like our sales rep to visit to help you analyse your waste and give you a trade-in offer, don’t hesitate to contact us.


With your agreement, we offer a re-use service of certain appliances.

The Wilmet Group firmly defends the values of the circular economy and the rule of the 3Rs in waste management (re-employment, repair, re-use)

To save resources and energy it is important to have a circular view of waste management.  Certain machines that are obsolete for some are not necessarily for others.

These appliances that we identify as “re-usable” are used in schools or for people with a lower income.

Anxious to provide our clients with the best service, we only act in accordance with your agreement and by ensuring that all your data has been erased beforehand.


A team close to your needs

Bastien Wilmet

Director of the Malonne site since the 1st January 2016, Bastien has also been the commercial Purchasing/Sales manager for the past 3 years.

Son of Jacques Wilmet, he took over his father’s duties after 4 years of schooling with the man who developed the activity for nearly 35 years.

Sophie Wilmet

Responsible for the reception Sophie has been working in the family business for more than 10 years.  Eldest of the family she is also the company’s administrative manager.

Amiability, patience and likeableness… She’s your first contact with the company when you go to the front desk.

Guillaume Abras

Operations Director

e-mail :



Valérie Blasutig



081/ 55.97.90   –  e-mail:

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